Francois Keck

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My name is François Keck, I am a community ecologist interested in using large datasets and computational methods to investigate ecological questions in the field of limnology. Broadly, my research activities are focussed on the links between environmental variation and community dynamics in freshwater organisms, with a particular focus on diatoms. A significant part of my work also involves developing ideas, methods and scientific principles to support environmental monitoring and management. Over the years, I have developed a broad spectrum of skills and expertise in data science including statistics, data mining and modelling to extract valuable knowledge and insights from ecological data. My interest for scientific programming and data visualization led me to develop and maintain several R packages.


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A reference database manager for R

Keck, F., 2021.


A toolbox for manipulating biological sequences in R

Keck, F., 2020.


Access the diat.barcode database with R

Keck, F., 2019.


Exploring the phylogenetic signal in continuous traits

Keck, F., 2016.


Maucha diagrams with R

Tapolczai, K., Keck, F., 2015.


Interactive maps with R and Leaflet

Keck, F., 2014.


I blog on my personal website mainly about my activity as a R programmer. This blog allows me to publish my side projects and helps me stay in touch with the R community.

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